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Buying a luxury yacht is a dream for millions. It’s the epitome of the high-life; watching the sun rise, hit its peak and then set, all from your own personal space in the ocean. For those of you with the means and ways, however, buying a yacht is a logical choice. It is an investment, as well as a toy to take you around the world in style. You don’t need to constantly fork out for flights, as you can sail your way to summer whenever you like. It’s also a surefire wow factor space to hold business meetings. Your mind is made up regarding an investment in your own luxury yacht, but where should you be looking? How about the white isle? On the hedonistic island of Ibiza, yacht sales are a common occurrence. In fact, yacht sales in Ibiza are so prolific that a number of companies base themselves there, including World Yacht Group.

So, not only can you party with famous faces, dance to the best DJs in the world, soak up the summer sun and swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, you might find yourself ordering a yacht to ensure the party continues well after the season is over.

Luxury Yacht Sales in Ibiza

Ibiza Yacht sales comes with trusted advice from the likes of World Yacht Group, a company with nearly a decade of selling experience around the world. World Yacht Group’s products are only the very best, with overforty vesselsto choose from the categories ranging from sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans.

The process of yacht sales in Ibiza

The process of Ibiza yacht sales are seamless with World Yacht Group and follow similar steps to that of the rest of the world.

Firstly, set your budget for a boat with all of your specifications. As with anything, your purchase should provide value for money. There should be a bottom end and a top end scale to your preference. Ibiza yacht sales run the gambit of price, and it’s important that you don’t get stung and hand over your hard earned cash without sufficiently weighing up the realistic price of your potential purchase.

Secondly, your task is to fall in love with a yacht. Choosing a yacht that suits you as the prospective owner is pivotal. Research extensively, ask yourself exactly what you seek in a yacht; a Jacuzzi? A manned bar? Jet Ski docks? Once decided, create a shortlist of vessels that you find which match these criteria. World Yacht Group has an extensive list of yachts for sale.

Step three is to visit your shortlist of yachts. For yacht sales in Ibiza, as with anywhere, it is standard procedure to physically inspect your prospective yacht or catamaran. Organize a visit with World Yacht Group today by contacting them directly. Ensure the quality of the ships is as advertised and includes everything you expect them to, with the help of World Yacht Group.

Next, when you have decided which yacht is the right one for you, it’s time to make an offer. First, seek information on the asking price of the boat. Never settle for the first price. The process of Ibiza yacht sales is like the sale of any product the world over. There is a recommended and desirable price that the owner or company would like for the product, and there is a negotiable price that they will be willing to drop to in order to make a sale. Remember, this is only the first stage of negotiating, so if you aren’t able to cut a huge amount from the original asking price at this stage, don’t expect that the negotiations are over.

The fifth tick box is to find a surveyor. Before a financial institution will pay the seller, yacht sales in Ibiza must be followed up with an inspection from a certified yacht surveyor. Best practice in this situation is absolutely to find a surveyor of your own, whose independence from the sale you can trust. A broker-appointed surveyor is likely to be loyal to the seller more than you.

Next, you, your surveyor and the broker should arrange a time to test sail the yacht. This is to get a feel for it as a pilotable vessel and to give the surveyor an opportunity to examine it in practice. Once the test sail is complete, take your surveyor for lunch or to a quiet spot, and get a full rundown of their thoughts on the ship’s seaworthiness and probably value. A short while later you should receive a typed report from your chosen surveyor with details of potential repairs required, if any.

Once you’ve analyzed the report and concluded if there will be any further costs accrued by you as the buyer, you can then submit a second offer. This, once agreed by the seller or broker, leads next to the closing of the deal with signatures and usually the putting down of a 10% deposit of the agreed price.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed one of your first yacht sales in Ibiza.

World Yacht Group’s Ibiza yacht sales and services

As a renowned company for Ibiza yacht sales, World Yacht Group will help guide you through not only your purchase of a vessel on the Balearic Isle, but also with additional options regarding yacht ownership. From how to acquire a crew and where to dock your new toy, to yacht management through their own professional service, World Yacht Group is a trusted hand to hold throughout the entirety of your purchase. World Yacht Group also provides yacht chartering service in Ibiza.

Visit to find out more about their services, and to browse their catalogue of yachts for sale, and be sure to contact them about any models that are not promoted on their website.